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Each person is uniquely different.  As human beings, we have basic similarities, however we differ in many areas from each person to the next.  Varying in age, weight, height, blood-type, metabolic rate, muscle density, body-fat, allergies, injuries (past and current), medications, abilities and disabilities, breathing capacity... just to name a few.  With this in mind, the concept of "PERSONALIZED WORKOUTS AND NUTRITION PLANNING" is not only "IDEAL", but necessary... and this is what I do.  I take all the above mentioned factors, along with others, and comprise the workout and nutrition path I WOULD take toward the goal you set, with what I know.  Each step of our fitness journey (because I even workout with you), I explain "WHY" we are doing what we are doing and "HOW" it is working.  I teach you which muscles you should be using in properly when performing the specified exercises I selected to accomplish the goal of manipulating your body to the desired shape or form.   One on One Training is designed specifically for you.   Many other programs are what I like to call "Cookie-Cutter" and everyone doesn't fit into the required starting physical condition to even participate.  This is why it's frustrating for many people who continuously begin and fail to finish what they started because the programs are promoted as for everyone, but in reality they are not.  What I do, I develop your personalized fitness and/or meal plan guaranteed to work for you, and if the results are not happening according to plan, I am able to find the issue and make the necessary adjustments to ensure continuous positive progress toward our goal.   

Sincerely, Trainer Charles


One on One Private 

*Ages 10 and Up 

*These are One on One Private Training Sessions, however, you may add on up to (3) people to your program with the Add-On Rate listed below.  

*Training Sessions Durations are Half an Hour up to 40 Minutes each.


No - Commitment Rate |  $40 Per Session

(1) Month Commitment Rate |  $35 Per Session

(2) Month Commitment Rate |  $30 Per Session

(3) or More Month Commitment Rate |  $25 Per Session

Add - On Family or Friends |  $10 Per Person Each Session


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