personalized fitness and nutrition plan

Before I explain the steps on how to obtain your personalized plan, let me first explain what it is and what’s all included.  


PERSONALIZED TRAINING REGIMEN: This is a structured workout designed specifically for you, according to your given answers listed on the Personal Assessment Questionnaire, which you will receive prior to the building of your plan.  These exercises are catered to you by considering your current health status such as, previous or current injuries, ailments or physical limitations, all while getting you safely to your desired fitness goal.  


PERSONALIZED NUTRITION PLANNING: Your personalized meal plan is laid out in menu form, including Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and approved snacking list. Each meal is described with ingredients, cooking instructions and portion amounts.  Factors considered when developing your nutrition plan are things such as, Allergies, Medications (which often times stipulate diets) and your sleeping cycle.  These are also answered on the Personal Assessment Questionnaire.  

ACCOUNTABILITY CALLS:  We will schedule phone of video chat conversations for the duration of your program to ensure you stay on point with your personalized plan.


PRODUCTS: Each Personalized Fitness and Nutrition Plan comes with the EnVision ProGanicsTM Organic Greens DetoxTM and The Fat Burner Organic Plant-Based ProteinTM .  Instructions on how and when to use your products are described in your personalized plan.  


TYPES OF PERSONALIZED (SPECIALIZED) PLANS: Vegan Plant-Based, Weight Loss/Gain/Maintenance, High-Blood Pressure and Diabetic Friendly, Pregnant and Postpartum, Keto, Smoker Rehabilitation, Menopause, Strength & Conditioning, Athletic Performance and More.




1. Fill out the EnVision Pro Fitness Personal Assessment Questionnaire.  

2. Select the desired duration of your personalized plan.

3. Submit payment via CashApp, PayPal, Credit or Debit Card.

Allow up to 48 hours for your personalized plan to be completed.  Products are shipped within 48 hours from point of purchase.  Your personalized plan will be sent to you via email to the address you provide.