| The Organic Greens Detox Blend | 


In past years, food was made out of basic ingredients from the Earth, and if you ate too much, you could simply "run" or "walk" it off.  But something changed in the late 90's.  Even if you didn't over eat, it seems like the weight just doesn't come off now days no matter how much exercise you do!   Most people have become aware that our bodies are holding unwanted weight due to today's conventional "food" and the many artificial preservatives and toxic chemicals they carry.  These artificial or FAKE preservatives or are just that... "Imitation Holding Agents".  Developed by scientist in a laboratory to maintain the shelf life of a product.  Studies prove, that whether in a packaged snack or in your stomach, these preservatives still dont lose their ability to preserve just because you swallowed it.  The truth is, as all food is consumed, the tongue and digestive system breaks the food down to its original particles of ingredient matter.  At the end of the digestion process, food is either absorbed or rejected as waste out the body... but not these artificial chemicals.  They cause every thing they touch to stay put...right where they are, which is usually in the intestines.  These preservatives aren't effected by movement alone.  This is why exercise seems redundant and pointless because your body isn't changing.  The reason, these chemicals only react to REAL ORGANIC NUTRIENTS.  

Hence, THIS PRODUCT!  The combination of 18 REAL AND ORGANIC foods, proven to naturally rid the body of harmful toxins.  The unique blend of these Superfoods, penetrate deep into the intestinal tract and disrupt the build - up of BAD BACTERIA, CHEMICALS AND PROCESSED PRESERVATIVES.  

Many consumers report immediate digestive relief after the first use.  Numerous reports of REDUCED BLOATING AND INFLAMMATION, REDUCTION IN WAIST LINE, WEIGHT LOSS, REDUCED HEADACHES AND MIGRAINES, MORE ENERGY, EASIER SLEEPING AND WAKING... within just the first week.  


If you suffer from any of the above mentioned ailments, this is for you!  

Organic Greens Detox Blend (21-Day Supply)