The Fat Burner Organic Plant Based Protein:


This amazing product contains 26 certified organic foods; naturally dehydrated and ground to a powdered consistency; measured appropriately; then combined to formulate a powerful mixture that metabolizes fatty tissue like a torch to paper!

Each organic food selected for this product contains scientifically proven natural abilities to aide the human body in managing body-weight, specifically, weight gain reduction and prevention. We found that when these foods are conjoined, they have a “SUPER – NATURAL LIKE” effect on ridding the body of bad fats. Since 2013, many consumers report the following: Reduction of bloating and inflammation, weight loss, relief of body aches and joint pains, relief of nausea, loss of hunger craving, less head aches and migraines, blood pressure regulation, sinus relief, increased sweating and significant increase of energy.

Though each superfood in this product can carry their own when it comes to the above-mentioned effects, one is the catalyst. THE RAW GREEN COFFEE BEAN. Most known for it’s undeniable ability to give a hefty boost to your energy levels, this superfood contains a unique nutrient known as CHLOROGENIC ACID which is a very good acid for the body. 
According to science, Chlorogenic Acid(CGA) is an antioxidant and phenolic compound found in the skin, leaves and fruits of many plants, including the "fruits" of the coffea arabica plant - unroasted (green) coffee beans. It is believed to be the substance which makes green coffee extract an effective supplement for weight loss and for controlling hypertension.
We found that when these beans are not put through an extraction process, but rather ground from their natural state, the CGA has a much greater effect. All coffee contains some CGA, but after the roasting process, which turns the coffee carcinogenic, the majority is flushed out.


Now that you know this product contains PURE & RAW CAFFIENE, consult your physician prior to consumption if necessary.


RECOMMENDED DOSES: (2) Tablespoons a day. Preferably upon waking, due to the caffeine. Do not take before bed (if you plan to sleep).


HOW TO USE: Add to your Smoothies, Shakes, and Juices. Sprinkle over your salads or over a dish such as, spaghetti, pasta, pizza, chicken, eggs and oatmeal. Eating it raw is a common method also…after all, it’s all REAL FOOD ONLY!

The Fat Burner Organic Plant - Based Protein (30 Day Supply)

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